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Boun Khao Phansa

(Enter of the Rains-Retreat Ceremony)

  On Sunday 02 August 2015


  This is the beginning of the traditional, “rains retreat” during which Buddhist monks are expected to station themselves in one place or in a monastery for a period of three months, staring the first day of the eighth waning moon.

During this time all monks do not travel or stay outside the dwelling or monastery, except being  invited to important function, but not over 6 nights. Spend more time to study what the Buddha taught or teaching dhamma meditation or observe insight meditation, practice mindfulness……..purifying thoughts deeds speech. 

Therefore on this occasion we would like to invite all of you and your family to join and participate in this ceremony.


  08.30 am   Gathering participants at the temple

09.30 am     Pray respects to The Buddha, Dhamma,

                      Sangha, Observance of the five Precepts

10.00 am      Alms Giving

11.00 am      Dana offering food to the monks

11.30 am      Preaching and Blessing Sessions

12.30 pm      Lunch for all ( End of Ceremony) 



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