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Boon Hor Khao Padup Din

  On Sunday 13 September 2015

Wat Buddhalavarn will be holding ‘Boon Hor Khao Padup Din’ ceremony offering Dana to the spirit of our beloved ones. It is a tradition that this time of the year those Spirits are believed to have been released from the ‘Apaya Bhumi’ or ‘Hell’ to receive Dana. It is therefore an occasion to spread loving kindness to them.


  Therefore on this occasion we would like to invite all of you and your family to join and participate in this ceremony.


  08.30 am   Gathering participants at the temple

09.30 am     Pray respects to The Buddha, Dhamma,

                      Sangha, Observance of the five Precepts

10.00 am      Alms Giving

11.00 am      Dana offering food to the monks

11.30 am      Preaching and Blessing Sessions

12.30 pm      Lunch for all ( End of Ceremony) 



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