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Boon Makha Puja

With Special Events:  Meditation Seesions for 6 nights starts on 14 February 2016, Please call for reserve your place.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

  Wat Buddhalavarn will be holding a celebration of Makha Puja Day. It is an important Day in Buddhism that we have regularly commemorated every year. It was the Day that 1250 Buddhist Monks came to listen to the Buddha Dhamma Talk without making prior arrangement. 

The celebration program as per below:




  09.00 am   Gathering participants at the temple

09.30 am     Pray respects to The Buddha, Dhamma,

                      Sangha, Observance of the five Precepts

10.00 am      Alms Giving

10.30 am      Preaching and Blessing Sessions

11.35 am     Dana offering food to the monks

12.00 pm      Lunch for all ( End of Ceremony) 



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