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Boon Outhitha Sangha Raja

Sunday 18/June/2017


The Abbot, the Sangha Community and the Management Committee of Wat Buddhalavarn  will be holding a” Boon Outhit” Ceremony at Wat Buddhalavarn to dedicate merits to our loved ones who passed away. We have been done this offering as part of our religious ceremony for a long time, the celebration program is as below:


 Sunday, 18 June 2017 

09.00AM     Gathering participants at the Temple

10.00 AM    Pray respects to the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha,

                      observance of the Five Precepts & Alms Giving.

11.00 AM    Dhamma Talk, Appreciative Action, Receiving

                      Blessing and Pouring Water of dedication

11.30 AM   Lunch for all DDhana - offering food to the monks

12.00 PM   Lunch for all Lay-People (End of Ceremony) 

We, the Sangha Community of Wat Buddhalavarn wish to extend this invitation to all Buddhists and non-Buddhist friends to take part on this refuge taking occasion.


Yours-in-the Dhamma

Venerable Khamphaeng Saenpraseut

The Abbot & President of Management Committee




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