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 on Sunday 13/11/2016


 The Abbot and Monk Community of Wat Buddhalavarn Inc., will be holding a Buddhist Traditional Ceremony so that all Lay people will have a good opportunity to practice wholesome actions:  generosity, observing precepts and spreading loving-kindness to other beings as we have done every year. This merit performance will be organised. Therefore this occasion we would like to invite you and all of your families and friends to join and participate in this ceremony as per below details:

 Sunday 13 November 2016

9.30 am      Assembly of all Buddhists.

10.00 am   Taking of the Five Precepts

10:30am    Alms Round

11.00 am   Dhamma Talk, Appreciative Action, Receiving Blessing

11.30 am   Offering Lunch, and pour water merit dedication.    

12.00 am   Lunch for Lay-people

1.30 pm   Attha Parade

2.30 pm   Refreshment (End of ceremony) 


Yours-in-the Dhamma,


The Most Venerable Thongsoun Phantha-Oudom

The Abbot & President of Management Committee


Note:            We will provide for your own Attha offering which are available at the Temple for your convenience to dedicate the merits to your loved ones.



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