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Lao New Year Festival

  On Sunday 19 April 2015



Therefore, on this occasion we would like to invite all of you and your family to join and participate in this special Event. The Festival will be as follows; 

 Sunday   19/4/2015

9.00 am     gxufIhko0kpg7njv’c]tvksko     Open Food Fair and Stalls

9.15 am       gxuf]kpdko ]ts]Yo-y’-hk c]tdko,j;o-no8jk’M Commencement Fun Rides and Varieties of Amusements

9.30 am     wsh;rIt Ia[lyo l6fxiy8,5’75o Religious Ceremony

10.00 am     rymu 8af[kf      Alms Giving

11.00 am    4;kpra8kskograoc]tla’7tmkoDDana” offering for Sangha

11.15 am     g-uoc0dia4[ko c]tzh68jk’|hkvq’dko8jk’Mia[xtmkovkskoD     Buffet Lunch for Distinguished Guests

12.00 pm    rymudjk;8hvoIa[gxaomk’dkoF djk;7exiklap c]t ltcf’  dko2hvo xtgrou]k;     

 Official Welcome, Speeches and Cultural Performance

12.40 pm     g]U,8A’0t[;ocsjritr5fmti6[]q’lq’F 0t[;ocsjok’la’0koc]t0t[;o csj8jk’MD    Procession of Buddha Statue,            Nang Sangkhane Parade and other cheers group

13.00 pm      rymulq’oEritr5mi6[F ritlq’ c]tz6hvk;53l  Water Blessing                   Ceremony for Buddha Statues, Monastics and Elders

13.15 pm      g]U,]e;q’lk,t7u        Lamvong (Lao Dancing) with Live Band

15.00 pm      ]kpdko 9qd.[ls]kdljP’3-d Raffle Tickets Draw

17.00 pm      xyf]kpdko End of Celebration.



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