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Boon Kathina



Kathina is a Buddhist festival which comes at the end of Vassa, the three-month rainy season retreat for Theravada Buddhists.The season during which a monastery may hold a Kathina festival is one month long, beginning after the full moon of the eleventh month in the Lunar calendar (usually October).

It is a time of giving, for the laity to express gratitude to monks. Lay Buddhists bring donations to temples, especially new robes for the monks.


 Sunday  2 November 2014 

09.00AM     Gathering participants at the temple

10.00 AM    Pray respects to The Buddha, Dhamma,

                      Sangha, observance of the Five Precepts

10.30 AM   Alms Giving Round

11.00 AM   Dhamma Talk, Appreciative Action,

                    Receiving Blessing and Pouring Water of


11.45 AM   Lunch for all Dhana offering food to the monks

12.00 PM   Lunch for all Lay-People



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