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Wat Buddhalavarn

We are a Not- for-Profit Buddhist organisation in the Theravada tradition with strong ties to the Laotian community of Australia. We have provided our Buddhist Religion services to Lao, Thai and other national Buddhists in our strong Buddhist community in Australia since 1981.

The SIM building is the most sacred part of the temple where monks gather for religious observances, for ordinations, or to pray. As you can see, we have been building the SIM since 2005. We aim to have this completed before christmas.

Our Latest Project & Events

Oct-Dec 2021 In Progress

Concrete To Encircle The Simma

Update: This is our latest project that we’re currently working on now.


We would really appreciate any help towards the donation associated with the concrete costs, we aim to have this completed before this Christmas 2021.

Thankyou in advanced for your contribution.

Jul-Sep 2021 Complete

Landscape & Retainer Walls

Update: Project Successfully  Completed


We would like to mention a HUGE Thank you to all those who had donated or volunteered to help build and successfully complete the retaining walls along with the landscaping of the flowers. 🌸


Thank you for making this goal possible, without your help, this would not have been achievable in improving and bettering the ongoing vision we have for the Wat Buddhalavarn Temple!


Wishing you blessings for your acts of kindness

Retaining Project in 2021 Complete

Raising Funds to put up retaining Wall around the SIM


Update: Project Succesfully Completed


We need funds to built a retaining Walls around the SIM, Please help us to complete this project in 2021. The retaining Walls will be in 2 lines, about 60 metres long, and cost approximate $150,000. So far we have raised $40,000.

Please DONATE by click on Donation box at the right hand top of this page and follow the instructions. Thank you

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