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Wat Buddhalavarn

We are a Not- for-Profit Buddhist organisation in the Theravada tradition with strong ties to the Laotian community of Australia. We have  been providing our Buddhist Religious services to Lao, Thai and other national Buddhists in our strong Buddhist community in Australia since 1981.

Incoming Event... BOON KHAO PHANSA ບຸນເຂົ້າພັນສາ

Sunday 21 July 2024 , start 9am to 5.00pm.


The SIMMA building is the most sacred part of the temple where monks gather for religious observances, for ordinations, or to pray.
we have been building the SIMMA since 2005, now it's completed in 2023.

Our Latest Event


The Ceremony of Laying the boundary Marking Stones on 1-14 May 2023

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