Our Community Hall Flooded 3 times in 2022

As you are aware the weather around Sydney has been wet with heavy rain and strong wind damaging trees and houses around NSW, we are no exception. Since our land is lower than our neighbours, evrytime it started pouring down, all the rain water come down from the back fence and flashed down to the walkway and washed off the paving we have just finished late last year. However we are so lucky we have a cleaner company who helped us dry the carpets and the rugs which were used in the Community Halls, We would like to thank to all the volunteers who gave us a hand to clean up the mess everytime it happened.

Current Storm Water Trench Project

The last 6 months, we have tried to finish laying the 150 metres long of storm water pipes in 2 different places, but unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, however we are quite happy with the project, even not complete yet, but now we know that we wouldn't have any more flooded in our community halls. But the incomplete job left the dirts in certain area. We would like to thank our members who got a discount price on the pipes and other materials, it's very helpful since in the Pandemic we hardly do any fund raising. We are also very appreciated with all the volunteers who come and help every weekend, getting their hands, clothes and boots dirty. In term of the funds, we still need more money to complete the project, if you could help please donate, Thank you

Maintenance Assistance Needed

Our temple is a non-profit organisation, we need more volunteers to do many things around the temple, If you have a good heart and quite reasonble fit, please come and help us for a good cause.