Support Us

Information on supporting the Monastery

If you would like to donate money , you can click “Donate” button on the top right hand side of the home page or send your donation by cheque / Money Order to:

Wat Buddhalavarn Incorporated 103 Minerva Road Wedderburn NSW 2560 Australia

Telephone: 61 2 4634 1200

Our “SIM” or the Monk’s Assembly Hall is in progress of decorating with art works internally and externally. We also have a new project to extend our awning in front of the kitchen and in front of the Community Assembly Hall as well, in order to accommodate more people attending the religious ceremonies.

We also need more volunteers to help out at the monastery during weekdays or weekends to help the maintenance of the landscaping, grass cutting, building and general cleaning. ALL WELCOME!!!

Please Contact the temple on 02 4634 1200