Boon Khao Phansa

Sunday 16-August-2020

The Buddhist Lent Day is one of the most important days in Buddhism which was established by the Lord Buddha, so all the monks and novices are required to stay and practice meditation in the same place such as temple or monasteries for a period of 3 months, starting the 1st day of the 8th waning moon, which lasts from July to October. During this time all monks do not travel or stay outside the dwelling or monastery, except being invited to the important function, but not over 6 nights. In this period, Monks are strickly in practicing meditation.

In order to keep this good tradition, I the Abbot, Sangha and Lay Management Committee of Wat Buddhalavarn Inc. wil organise this Buddhist Lent Ceremony as follows;

The Ceremony will be held at Wat Buddhalavarn, 103 Minerva Road, Wedderburn NSW 2560. It is therefore an occasion to spread loving kindness to them as per details below:

Date: Sunday, 16-August-2020


09:00am Gathering participants at the temple

10:00am Chanting, Receiving Precepts & Alms Round

11:00am Offering Packages & Lunch to the Sangha

12:00pm Dhamma Talk, Apologising & Receiving Blessing

12:30pm Lunch for Everyone. (End of Ceremony)

In order to preserve our religious traditions, we, the Sangha community wish to extend this invitation to all Buddhist and non-Buddhists friends and families to take part in this refuge-taking occasion.

Yours-in-the Dhamma

Ven. Khamphaeng Saenpraseut.

The Abbot /President of the Management Committee.

Date: 29.6.2020.

Note: On this celebration day, we organise the bath robes and other donation materials for you to offer to the Sangha.