Lao New Year Ceremony

Sunday 16-April-2023

09:30am Gathering participants at the temple

10:00am Chanting, Receiving Precepts & Alms Round

11:00am Offering Packages & Lunch to the Sangha

11:30pm Dhamma Talk, Apologising & Receiving Blessing

12:00pm Water Blessing Buddha Statues.

Note: This year there are no parade, entertainment and Kids rides, but there will be a limited food stalls

The Ceremony of Laying the Boundary Marking Stones
From 01 May 2023 to 14 May 2023

Monday 01 May 2023    –     9.00 am Opening Ceremony

Wednesday 5 May 2023  –  4.30pm Donning White Robes

Saturday 6 May 2023   –   2.00pm  Ordination of Monks

Sunday 7 May 2023  – 10.00am Alms Giving

                                     4.00pm a Second day for the Ordination of Monks

Saturday 13 May 2023 –  9.00am the Religious Ceremony

                                            2.00pm Elevation Ordination Ceremony

                                                         of Venerable Khamphaeng

Sunday 14 May 2023  –  9.30am  The Religious Ceremony

                                  1.00pm  The Ceremony to consecrate the Patthasima;

                                       Laying of the Boundary Marking Stones