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Wat Buddhalavarn

We are a Not- for-Profit Buddhist organisation in the Theravada tradition with strong ties to the Laotian community of Australia. We have provided our Buddhist Religion services to Lao, Thai and other national Buddhists in our strong Buddhist community in Australia since 1981.

SIM is the finest building where monks are assembled for religious such as morning and evening prayers, ordination, it is the most sacred part of the temple, it is also called the Ceremonial Hall. As you can see we have been building the SIM since 2005, it takes so long to get in this final stage due to the funding, However it won't be long before the SIM has a complete consecration.

Our Events

April 25 2021


The Abbot, together with the Sangha and the Management Committee of the Wat Buddhalavarn will hold the ceremony installing the Yod So Fa – the Sacred Ornement on top of Sima building on Sunday 25th April 2021.

18April 2021

Hand Over Phasard Prabang Ceremony

We would like to invite all Buddhists to join the Lao Lane Xang Luang Prabang Association to hand over Phasard Prabang Ceremony on Sunday 18 April 2021. Please see detail at the Event Page.

Retainning Project in 2021

Raising Funds to put up retaining Wall around the SIM

We need funds to built a retaining Walls around the SIM, Please help us to complete this project in 2021. The retaining Walls will be in 2 lines, about 60 metres long, and cost approximate $150,000. So far we have raised $40,000.

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