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Wat Buddhalavarn

We are a Not- for-Profit Buddhist organisation in the Theravada tradition with strong ties to the Laotian community of Australia. We have provided our Buddhist Religion services to Lao, Thai and other national Buddhists in our strong Buddhist community in Australia since 1981.

Great loss in our Lao/Thai/All Buddhist Community in Australia: Our Abbot Venererable Thongsoun Phantha Oudom passed away peacefully on 30 November 2016.

He had served our community as the Abbot and President of the Management Committee Members of Wat Buddhalavarn Incorporated since August 1987 to November 2016.

Rest in Peace

Our Events

August 16 2020

Boon Hor Khao Padapdine

The 14th day of the waning moon of the ninth month of Buddhist calendar, all Laotians annually celebrate the feast of Ho Khao Padabdine, the “Day of the Dead”. That day, the Buddhist make a donation to the death, in the form of food delivered to them symbolically through the monks …

Sept 6 2020

Boon Khao Salak

This is one of the most important spiritual celebration of the year. Hold during the 10th full moon of the lunar calendar, this festival is a celebration and a remembrance of the dead. During this festival, the Lao make offerings to the monks at the local Wat on behalf of deceased ancestors. Participing gives “good merits” to the devotes.

Oct 4 2020

Ork Phansa

After three months restricted to their temples, learning dharma and practicing meditation, the Buddhist monks once again return to their social duties and are welcomed with offerings of food and gifts. For three months, it was the rainy season, the period of calm in Laos (no wedding, no parties except the religious one).

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